The PIXIE BREADBOARD prototyping board

The PIXIE ‘BREADBOARD’ is a general purpose prototyping board which can be used to create prototype circuits.

  • Fully configurable and updatable using the ‘PixieBoard’ configuration tool.
  • External signals available using 2 part pluggable 3.5mm terminals.
  • Uses standard PIXIE board format.
  • Uses high speed SPI bus for data transfers.
  • Software libraries available for C, C++, Python and LabVIEW.
  • Fits optional DIN rail mountable housing.
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom

Prototyping board

  • Can be used to create prototype circuits or custom one off designs.
  • Has small 0.1” pitch prototyping area for circuit deployment.
  • Solder pads for all the GPIO signals and additional chip selects and interrupts.
  • On board +3.3V supply available.
  • 2 off, 10 way 2 part pluggable 3.5mm terminals.