The PIXIE POE-PSU Power supply board

The PIXIE ‘POE-PSU is a POE+ power supply with additional +9V to +48V DC input capabilities and produces +5V @ 4.5A output.

In addition, it has a CPU fan for cooling the Raspberry Pi, a separate battery backed real time clock, and many other control and monitoring features.

  • Fully configurable and updatable using the ‘PixieBoard’ configuration tool.
  • External signals available using 2 part pluggable 3.5mm terminals.
  • Uses standard PIXIE board format.
  • Uses high speed SPI bus for data transfers.
  • Software libraries available for C, C++, Python and LabVIEW.
  • Fits optional DIN rail mountable housing.
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom


  • POE+ Power over Ethernet, providing +5V @ 4.5A
  • Auxiliary power input between +9V to +48V
  • 2 auxiliary power inputs one switched to provide solutions for UPS, battery, solar supplies etc.
  • +5V output voltage and replaceable fuse protected.
  • Outputs are resettable fuse short circuit protected.
  • On board monitoring of input voltage, output voltage, current and board temperature.
  • Over temperature automatic standby if board temperature goes above 60°
  • Various power on and off modes.
  • External power on/off for pushbutton standby operation.
  • Interrupt on power fail.
  • Automatic restart from standby mode when main power is restored.
  • Timed power off to standby mode then restart after the power on delay has expired.
    Time set between 1 second and 136 years.
  • Power cycle watchdog, for recovering a crashed Raspberry Pi if the watchdog is not periodically reset, settable between 1 and 255 seconds.
  • On board CPU fan, software of GPIO controlled.
  • On board automatic cooling fan.
  • Battery backed DS1307+ I2C accessed real time clock.