The PIXIE ADC8-DAC2 Analogue Input/Output board

The PIXIE ‘ADC8-DAC2 is a general purpose analogue input and output board that provides interfaces for your application, general prototyping, test rigs, one off products, education and evaluation.

  • Fully configurable and updatable using the ‘PixieBoard’ configuration tool.
  • External signals available using 2 part pluggable 3.5mm terminals.
  • Uses standard PIXIE board format.
  • Uses high speed SPI bus for data transfers.
  • Software libraries available for C, C++, Python and LabVIEW.
  • Fits optional DIN rail mountable housing.
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom

Analogue Inputs

  • Provides 8, differential 16 bit analogue inputs, each capable of converting signals from +5V or +10V with a 1 M ohm input impedance.
  • Inputs are resettable fuse and overvoltage protected to +12V.
  • All 8 channels are converted simultaneously so there is no need for input multiplexing.
  • Sample rates up to 200-kSPS with on chip programmable digital filtering for oversampling.
  • Interrupt on sample complete via GPIO.
  • Multiple boards can sample synchronously using common start GPIO input.
  • Software triggered sample start, GPIO pin sample start or onboard continuous sampling using programable timed sampling generator.
  • Timed sample generator can be output to a GPIO pin and used as a master sample start for multiple boards.
  • Device used is Texas Instruments ADS8588S.

Analogue Outputs

  • Provides 2, 16 bit analogue outputs, each capable of generating from 0 to +5V or 0 to +10V.
  • Output impedance is 100 ohm and are short circuit and overvoltage protected to +12V.
  • Device used is Texas Instruments DAC8552.