What's currently under development

  • A POE+ power supply capable of delivering +5V @ 4.0A when powered from the network cable to your Raspberry Pi

It can also be externally powered from a +10V to +48V DC supply and can deliver 4.5A @ +5V.
Other features include, a fan to add addition cooling to the Pi CPU, a real time battery backed clock, and various power control and voltage and current monitoring capabilities.

  • 0-25mA analogue input board supporting 8 and 16 channels.

  • 0-25mA analogue output board supporting 8 and 16 channels.

  • Temperature sensor board supporting 4 channels of 4 wire sensors, or 8 channels of 2 wire sensors, either PTC or thermocouple, with cold junction temperature compensation

  • DIN rail mounted plastic housings
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